Hydration Factor profiled at Expo West

03.06.12 06:11

Natural Products Expo West, the largest natural products event in the US, will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center between March 9th and 11th.  This year MRM, a regular exhibitor at this event, will profile Hydration Factor™ as one of the exciting new products it has added to it’s range.

Natural Products Expo West will host over 58,000 industry members and over 3,000 exhibits showcasing products in the categories of natural and specialty foods, organic, supplements, health and beauty, natural living and pet products.  This is an ideal venue for Hydration Factor to be formally launched.

MRM rolls out Hydration Factor™ in-store display

01.26.12 07:46
MRM has begun to roll out a free-standing in-store display unit for Hydration Factor.  The first of the units was seen recently at a Sprouts™ store in Carlsbad, California.  These units will soon feature a hydration testing station where store visitors can test their skin hydration status.  Skin hydration is well correlated with whole body hydration and so this technology allows an estimate of hydration status and the possibility of a test-retest approach to observing the effectiveness of Hydration Factor on hydration state.

MRM Hydration Factor™ display stand at Sprouts store in Carlsbad CA.


MRM Announces Release Of Hydration Factor™

01.13.12 12:20

A new hydration formulation aimed at increasing whole body hydration and modulating thirst.

Metabolic Response Modifiers (MRM) announced today the release of Hydration Factor™, a 100% All Natural powdered beverage mix designed to optimize hydration. In collaboration with AquaConneXions®, the Australian developers of the Aqua Hydration Technology™, MRM has developed Hydration Factor™, which has been shown to improve intracellular hydration and regulate thirst, leading to increased consumption of fluid until the optimal hydration set-point has been reached.

Hydration Factor™ will be available nationwide and is the most effective way to ensure the water you drink provides your body with optimal cellular hydration

To read more go to:

Sprouts stores carry Hydration Factor™

01.06.12 06:13

In December AquaConneXions and MRM conducted a training workshop for managers and staff for Sprouts, the leading natural foods retailer on the US West Coast.  In a lively Q&A session many of the Sprouts staff who had tried the product were impressed by it’s immediate effect.  Sprouts, with over 100 stores in California, Arizona, Texas and Colorado ( ) , now stocks Hydration Factor™ which uses AquaConneXions patented Aqua Hydration Technology™.

Hydration Factor Website Goes Live

12.11.11 07:09

Hydration Factor™ the new MRM product using AquaConneXions patented Aqua Hydration Technology, now has a website with all the information you need, a Hydration Quiz and lots more. Check it out at

MRM Announces Partnership with AquaConneXions®

10.12.11 07:25

Oceanside, CA October 12, 2011

Metabolic Response Modifiers (MRM), an industry leader in SportsNutrition and Health Supplements is teaming up with AquaConneXions®, a research and development company based inMelbourne, Australia, to develop unique formulations designed for optimizing hydration.

Read the full press release here:

Welcome to the new AquaConneXions website

09.20.11 12:58

We are please to welcome you to our new website. We will be posting news regularly on the Aqua Hydration Technology™ and the products from all of our licensing partners that contain our flagship formulation.

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Stay hydrated!